'When I do something, I do it well.'

Frank van Zeijl | e-mail | linkedin

Frank van Zeijl is a consultant with BexerHamstra since 15 February 2021, He studied Econometrics and Operational Research at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, specializing in Quantitative Finance. While in college, he worked as a cook at Bondi Beachclub in Monster, near The Hague.

‘I enjoy complicated calculations but I like social life too. I found that out while I was studying Econometrics. For instance, I enjoy explaining the impact of a new pension scheme to people. It is this combination that I find so attractive in consulting.

The questions answered in my master’s thesis are suitable for practical application. The Pension reforms means that the current uniform contribution system will be discontinued. I’m also doing research into the compensation needed for older employees, specifically for those who have at some point interrupted their career – women, for example, who after having had children did not work for several years. What are the consequences for their compensation, won’t they be overly disadvantaged, and what can the organization do to prevent that? The answers to these questions will certainly be of use here at BexerHamstra.

Right now I’m still working in the background, mostly with pension calculations. When the time comes for me to go along to clients, I think it’s important that I am open to their perspectives, to really listen to what they want. Then I’d like to solve their problems in a way that I myself can believe in too. I don’t like half work. When I do something, I do it well’