'I believe in an integrated approach.'

Marieke van het Erve | e-mail | linkedin

Marieke van het Erve works as an associated consultant, since 2019 for BexerHamstra and earlier for Hamstra & Partners. As an independent HR consultant she runs projects at various companies. Before this, she spent fourteen years at FME, a business organization in the technology industry. She began her career as an HR manager, working for a recycling company called Sims Group. Marieke took her bachelor’s degree in HRM and psychology at Fontys Hogeschool.

‘I enjoy thinking things through with my clients: what is your perspective on HR and which performance management approach would best match that? I believe in an integrated approach. New HR policies and HR instruments must be like clockwork, and reinforce one another. Then they best support the organizational development desired.

At BexerHamstra my team works on setting up new performance management systems. Doing so, I involve all stakeholders. It is great to collaborate with the organization’s management to design such a change. For they are the ones who must later promote these ideas and apply the system.

I am not afraid to ask critical questions. Why is it that you want a new assessment or reward system? What should the future system bring you? Does that fit in with your current organizational culture or
is it intended to support a transition to a new culture?

I’m interested in what’s behind the client’s question, so that we can prevent applying only trivial solutions.’