'Connecting with people and setting to to work.'

Veerle van den Enden | e-mail | linkedin

Veerle van den Enden joined BexerHamstra on 1 October 2021. Earlier, she worked for consulting firm AtrivĂ©, as a HRM and organizational development consultant. Having studied HRM at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda, she took a master’s in Organizational Sciences at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

‘My strength is in making a connection with the client. Only if you speak the same ‘language’ can you really achieve something. Defining an objective is all very well, but I then want to achieve it too. I’m result-focused, a go-getter.

BexerHamstra’s client diversity attracts me. It is so interesting to be allowed a look in everyone’s kitchen, to work with so many different people. Why do things work out so differently in one organization than in another? And it’s very instructive as well, for everything you learn stays with you in your next projects.

When a client runs into an issue, it is important to determine, in collaboration with them: is this the real issue here of should we resolve some other matter first? It’s nice to formulate a plan and set change in motion. In the course of such a process, the client is provided with tools to go on independently. But I do later want to know whether it worked out, of course! It may be small steps sometimes, but we do get things moving.’