Job description

Job descriptions provide clarity about the objective, the position in the organization, and the accountabilities and requirements of a position or role. BexerHamstra’s consultants can help you formulate such job descriptions.


We have made and updated clients’ job descriptions in countless projects. This experience enables us to support new clients professionally and efficiently in formulating and improving job and job family descriptions. If desired, BexerHamstra can take the role of project leader, and deliver a set of agreed and updated job descriptions as end result.

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When you choose BexerHamstra, you opt for experience and expertise. Our dyed-in-the-wool professionals know their way around reward issues; they know the field like the back of their hand. And we have a very pragmatic mindset. We don’t complicate things unnecessarily but always look for the simplest solution.

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We offer an integral perspective on reward, organization and pensions.

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Our advice is transparent and relevant, and always focused on improving the business.

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We like to keep in touch personally and stand close by our clients. We are flexible and prefer to keep our communication lines short.

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We have the expertise to offer complete solutions.