Reward strategy and policy

We translate the organization’s strategy into a remunerations policy and ensure a perfect match with their strategic HR priorities. The BexerHamstra team advises on all aspects of their compensation and benefits.

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Reward strategy

A successful reward strategy requires acknowledgement and communication by the organization’s management, and must be transparent and attractive to its employees. In this, too, we support our clients. We do so for companies who work in a single country as well as for organizations with branches in various different countries. BexerHamstra has extensive experience in developing and implementing both local and international reward strategies. In the Netherlands we have worked with companies of various sizes and in various industries. Further afield consultants have also developed international reward strategies for multinationals with branches in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Remuneration policy

  • Designing and implementing a salary policy that fits all groups of employees and ensures a future-proof development of the organization’s salary costs.
  • Benchmarking the organization’s current reward policy to identify opportunities and potential improvements.
  • Designing variable pay schemes that provide direction, motivate staff and double as retention mechanisms. These include bonuses, sales-specific incentives, collective schemes for the entire organization such as profit sharing, and long-term incentives and participation plans.
  • Setting up future-proof pension schemes and tailored benefits like mobility schemes or policies concerning holidays, working hours and overtime.

Reward policies - communication and implementation

Once an organization has decided to adapt its remuneration policy, it faces another challenge: its implementation and the associated communication. These are important steps that are largely decisive for the new policy’s success. BexerHamstra can help companies strike the right, professional tine.

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An optimum reward policy is aligned with the organization’s objectives, corporate culture and strategy.

We deliver results

Developing and implementing an attractive reward policy is quite a challenge, and every project is different. The BexerHamstra process delivers results. We operate like explorers. We start with an open mind, a condition for achieving things. Then we develop strategies that are based on facts, data and quantitative analyses. This finally brings us to our objective. The result? An optimum remuneration policy for our clients and their employees.

No two projects are the same. We adapt our approach and our team to the issues at hand.

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Why BexerHamstra

When you choose BexerHamstra, you opt for experience and expertise. Our dyed-in-the-wool professionals know their way around reward issues; they know the field like the back of their hand. And we have a very pragmatic mindset. We don’t complicate things unnecessarily but always look for the simplest solution.

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We offer an integral perspective on reward, organization and pensions.

Transparent and relevant

Our advice is transparent and relevant, and always focused on improving the business.

We always aim for personal contact

We like to keep in touch personally and stand close by our clients. We are flexible and prefer to keep our communication lines short.

Experienced experts with a passion for their work

We have the expertise to offer complete solutions.