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We guarantee continuity and quality

Expertise and a pragmatic mindset to always find the simple solution. That is BexerHamstra, alright. Our advice is transparent and relevant, and always focused on improving the business. We don’t like to complicate thing unnecessarily, but prefer to collaborate with the client on a fast and innovative answer to their questions. In doing so, we always focus on effects and results.

And we use the enormous amount of knowledge and experience of our consultants, our organization and our network. BexerHamstra is both people and data driven. This means we are fully up to speed with providing advice on reward and organizational matters. We know this field, in all its aspects, inside and out. This enables us to help you realize your organizational strategy.

BexerHamstra works for both large, international organizations, where we tackle the associated transnational issues, and smaller and starting businesses. And we do all of this with the mission of contributing to a world in which people and organizations are fully empowered.

Synergy as synergy was meant

Hamstra & Partners was founded in 2010. Bexer was established in 2020, which was also the year in which the paths of these two colourful firms crossed. Both in the same field, each with their own expertise.

If you put these kinds of expertise side by side, you’ll see these firms are complementary; and together they can provide total solutions for their clients. If you take a closer look at each firm’s DNA, you’ll see essential and fundamental similarities. Their founders’ ambitions and motives match, too. And, perhaps most importantly: there was a great match on a personal level, right from the first cup of coffee.

These firms joining forces clearly added up to more than the sum of its parts. And so a new company was born, with familiar faces: BexerHamstra

No newbie

BexerHamstra is no newbie. Literally, since our consultants have clocked many hours in the business. And we daresay they belong to the best in their field. We’ve been around and have built a distinguished clientele of well-known organizations – and some lesser known ones as well. So indeed, BexerHamstra is no newbie; we are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

We start with an open mind, a condition for achieving things.

A complete solution

We offer an integral perspective on reward, organizational structure and pensions. These are not stand-alone fields, in our opinion, but the fertile soil on which organizations and employees can grow together.

We have all the necessary knowledge and know-how to offer complete solutions. Nevertheless, we see no need to change things that work well. These we take along in our projects, as points of departure.

Job frameworks are different for every organization.

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