Our team

BexerHamstra runs a team of professionals and consultants who work independently and flexibly, have a passion for top quality, keep their communication lines short, really work with the client, and, most importantly, really enjoy their work.

'I want my work to contribute.'

'Good explanations make the difference.'

'I like the variety of my work.'

'I like both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of my work.'

‘I believe in open communication.’

Gerco Slabbekoorn

'Collaborating with people gives me energy'

'My ultimate aim is a self-reliant client.'

'Quickly understanding organizations is my forte.'

'I love to show and explain my analyses to people at all levels.'

'I love working with both people and numbers'

'I want to know what it is that motivates people'

'Ready for a sprint.'

'I like to make things easier for people.'

Kiki Zinken

'I quickly see the structures and connections in large datasets.'

'Taking the lead is what gives me energy.'

'My aim is to make the process transparent and so get people's commitment.'

'I look for solutions that have impact on the business.'

'It's wonderful to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice'

'Making complicated things transparent, that is the challenge.'

'I want to have impact.'

'I'm happiest when things get complicated.'

Rita Ekkelenkamp

'Bringing people together is my forte.'

'I'm always on the lookout to make things better and more up to date.'

'I always look at opportunities.'

'I want to get to the core of problems.'

'Numbers are only half the story.'

'Connecting with people and setting to to work.'


'I really enjoy the mix of qualitative and quantitative aspects in my work.'