'I like to make things easier for people.'

Karin Bom | e-mail

Karin Bom is a secretary with BexerHamstra. She has worked with Hamstra & Partners (as it was then) since 2015. It was with temping agency Randstad that she gained much of her experience, working as a management secretary. She studied Law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

‘What makes me tick, is making things run smoothly. I manage things in the background, enabling other people to do their work more easily.

I always liked this. After taking a Law degree I started work for Randstad, as a management secretary at their head office. Working with the highest level of the organization was stimulating. And I happen to be good at planning and organizing. I’ve always got my act together.

And now I find the same thing at BexerHamstra, where I support and facilitate partners and other team members. One of the things I do is planning meetings. This can be quite a challenge with professionals and company managers, who are all very busy. I also manage the CRM system, making sure its data is up to date. I like being a part of this organization. The atmosphere is good, I like my colleagues and their open style of communicating. And it’s great to see how they each of them bring their own stories and perspectives to work.’