We offer independent advice on reward

BexerHamstra specializes in both providing advice on and implementing projects in the field of compensation and benefits. We offer our clients advice and support  in formulating a (renewed) reward policy that fits their organization. To this end we take account of their market position, the kinds of employees they have, their salary costs and their organizational culture.

Working with the client we translate their organizational vision and mission into a reward philosophy, and on that basis work towards a concrete remuneration policy. To formulate a remuneration policy, philosophy and structure, we rely on our years of experience, working for many different clients. We also incorporate the latest trends and developments in the field.

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Reward strategy and policy

We translate the organization’s strategy into a remunerations policy and ensure a perfect match with their strategic HR priorities. The Bexer team advises on all aspects of their compensation and benefits.

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Reward benchmark

Often, we start the project with benchmarking, in which employees’ current salaries are compared with the market.

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Performance management

Performance management is a much-discussed topic. BexerHamstra does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

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BexerHamstra has an individual signature because we always think and act independently, pragmatically and creatively.

Variable pay

Some organizations want to introduce variable pay as a staff retention scheme. But there isn’t a straightforward connection between variable pay and motivation or retention. Successfully implementing variable pay requires careful preparation, calculation and finetuning, to make it match the organization’s strategy. BexerHamstra’s consultants know the entire process and can help companies make and implement the right choices.

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An optimum reward policy is aligned with the organization’s objectives, corporate culture and strategy.

Participation schemes

Companies may choose to let their employees participate financially. What form this takes depends on why the organization wishes to do so. BexerHamstra helps clients shape such schemes to achieve the desired results.

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International remuneration policies

Companies in the Netherlands who have branches abroad often like their reward policies to be similar in all countries. The idea is to operate as one single company internationally, while still leaving room for ‘couleur locale’. BexerHamstra consultants can help them formulate an international remuneration policy.

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BexerHamstra has extensive experience with all elements of organizations’ compensation and benefits. Read more here about our vision and approach, focused on a few specific benefits.

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We like thinking outside the box.

Fair pay

Fair pay is often under pressure, in many organizations. Matters may have become unbalanced little by little, and sometimes the organization’s reward policy simply isn’t transparent. In all such cases BexerHamstra can help to make the organization’s remunerations fair again, using data analysis.

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Harmonizing compensation and benefits

Mergers and acquisitions often require the harmonization of remuneration policies. BexerHamstra can help you manage the entire process, from the formulation of the right remuneration policy up to and including its communication and implementation. We take account of the organization’s strategy and reward philosophy.

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Why BexerHamstra

When you choose BexerHamstra, you opt for experience and expertise. Our dyed-in-the-wool professionals know their way around reward issues; they know the field like the back of their hand. And we have a very pragmatic mindset. We don’t complicate things unnecessarily but always look for the simplest solution.

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We offer an integral perspective on reward, organization and pensions.

Transparent and relevant

Our advice is transparent and relevant, and always focused on improving the business.

We always aim for personal contact

We like to keep in touch personally and stand close by our clients. We are flexible and prefer to keep our communication lines short.

Experienced experts with a passion for their work

We have the expertise to offer complete solutions.

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