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Although € 0.19 per kilometre doesn’t sound like much, a lot of money goes around in mobility schemes. Lease schemes and public transport allowances, but the set-up of the entire mobility package too, significantly affects one’s staff costs. Changes in mobility policies may cause emotional discussions, whether about lease schemes or the limits to the commuting mileage that may be charged. Employees are often personally affected if such schemes are changed.

We help organizations think through their mobility policies, not just from the perspective of compensation and benefits or the employer’s finances, but also with the impact in mind that such policies have on employees and their private situations.

Typical projects on which we have worked:

  • Combining a number of schemes into one single mobility scheme in which employees can themselves fill in the details of how they travel.
  • Harmonizing allowances for commutes and business trips, either with or without an interactive scenario analysis.
  • Assessing to what extent the total compensation and benefits package decreases in competitiveness (= market conformity) if car lease is not included.
  • Switching from lease schemes to public transport allowances.
  • Providing support in selecting mobility providers, including both the consequences and the financial calculations involved.
  • Making the organization’s mobility policy more sustainable, and catering to the employees’ wishes, which may involve lease bikes and mobility services, for instance.

Work-related costs, expenses, remote work allowances

The Dutch tax authorities allow employers to provide net compensation for costs made by their employees. This may take the form of paying back what they have spent or of paying a lump sum as a fixed costs compensation. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Such compensations are often provided only from the point of view of what is allowed fiscally, without any thought for market conformity or the administrative work involved. We look beyond fiscal optimization and take a broader perspective, including organizational processes and compensation and benefits. Our comp & ben consultants deal with such matter daily.


But an instrument may also work against you. So we like to put the question into a broader perspective.

Disability insurance

Many employees run a risk of becoming disabled as a result of their job. In the Netherlands, the costs of continued salary payments when someone falls ill, as well as the risks of disability, are the employer’s during the first two years. After that, they are borne by the employee and the state. A good risk analysis per employer, as well as an inventory of what is and what is not market conform help to get the issue clear.

We support employers in formulating and if necessary changing the schemes involved. Selecting the right insurer is an important element of this process. Unlike many other consulting firms, in these projects we work on an hours times rate basis only. Commissions or extra fees are not allowed at BexerHamstra. This serves to guarantee our independence and so ensures that your consulting costs match the advice we provide.

BexerHamstra has an individual signature because we always think and act independently, pragmatically and creatively.

Burden-reducing measures

Many employees would like to stop working before they reach the legal pensionable age, but in then decide not to. The reason is that the impact on their income would be too great, both before and after retirement. But they may then be less motivated and increasingly prone to absence because of illness or disability, while they are still in the way of younger generations, blocking their growth and careers. Formulating and thinking through age-conscious HR policies enables the employer to provide direction. Good policies may prevent the company facing high costs as a result of illness or disability, unmotivated employees with a negative effect on the atmosphere, and young talent leaving because they lack career perspectives. Well thought-through, well-formulated policies help retain staff and provide growth perspectives, while also enabling older employees to reach their desired retirement age in a healthy and pleasant manner. These advantages may outweigh the extra costs from the employer’s perspective, especially since they are sometimes relatively small. By effectively using the leeway that the law offers employers a lot more can be achieved than may at first be apparent.

Some examples of projects in which we have provided support:
• Formulating an Early Retirement Scheme (Regeling voor Vervroegde Uittreding or RVU), including both its set-up and the calculation of its costs and benefits, for the employer as well as the employees.
• Achieving simpler and more effective burden-reducing measures.
• Formulating and calculating a ‘generations pact’ scheme that involves employees working fewer hours while keeping their salary and/or pension accrual (partly) intact.

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