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BexerHamstra provides advice and support when clients map the processes and accountabilities of their positions and roles.

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When an organizational strategy must be translated into a realignment of positions and the processes involved, a professional, external perspective often makes all the difference. This is the case, for example, when a new job framework must be designed. Our support and expertise enable organizations to use a transparent and proven job framework model instead of basing their new job framework on history and the individuals that just happen to be there.

We help our clients chart organizational objectives and results, and provide concrete indications of what they need in terms of organizational structure and positions to achieve these objectives and results. This is done by such means as interactive workshops with employees and managers, elaborating accountabilities per business unit, mapping jobs in ‘families’, and providing descriptions of roles and positions. The outcomes can then be used, among other things, for job evaluation, providing insight into career paths, formulating result and development agreements with employees and describing organizational processes.

For a leasing company, for instance, we have described their jobs in such a way that they are in line with their new organizational structure. These job descriptions were then used as the basis for an IPE (International Position Evaluation) job evaluation of their entire organization. And this job framework then enabled us to implement their reward policy, all in collaboration with the client.

Organisational transparency

We advise and support clients in mapping the processes and accountabilities of their positions and roles.

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But an instrument may also work against you. So we like to put the question into a broader perspective.

Job description

Job descriptions provide clarity about the objective, the position in the organization, and the accountabilities and requirements of a position or role. BexerHamstra’s consultants can help you formulate such job descriptions.

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Job frameworks are different for every organization.

Job framework and job evaluation

A good job framework is the foundation of all other HR tools. Using the organization’s job framework, BexerHamstra can, for example: formulate their remuneration policy, clarify career paths, and set up performance management.

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We start with an open mind, a condition for achieving things.


We work with certified assessment psychologists to provide reliable advice for our clients.

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We start with an open mind, a condition for achieving things.

In the field of organization design:

  • Designing a global job framework (with an accent on roles and career paths) and terms of employment after a merger.
  • Providing advice to a company’s Supervisory Board concerning the governance model of its Board of Directors and its Group Directors .
  • Providing advice on the set-up of a company’s international HR department.
  • A Human Capital Quick Scan for a company with some 3000 employees.
  • Auditing a company’s international HR department.

In the field of (management) development:

  • Training sessions consulting skills for an international consultancy organization.
  • Providing coaching and intervision for various organizations in the business and financial services industries.
  • Strategy and team building sessions (using MBTI) for an international insurance agency.
  • Assessing the regional managers of a company in the pharmaceutics industry.

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