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Pensions are an important benefit that must match the organization’s compensation and benefits package as a whole. And yes, pensions may be a very complex matter sometimes. But BexerHamstra’s consultants are the best in applying this matter in a transparent and accessible way.

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After salaries, pensions are the most precious remuneration element and yet employees often do not value it as they should.
Pensions are part of the compensation and benefits package of every organization. That is our premise. We like to sit down with our clients and discuss how such a benefit can best be arranged for their employees. Do you want to offer pensions that are very secure? Or do you prefer the highest possible expected pension benefits, even if they include a little more risk? Or does a client like to give their employees more personal responsibility and a individual choice between cash now and pension later? Every organization is different and at the same time employers must all comply with laws and regulations such as obligations arising from collective labour agreements. This is a complex domain but we know it very well. Our consultants have a passion for pensions and will gladly help you find a fitting solution.

AFM licence

BexerHamstra is licenced by AFM (Autoriteit Financiƫle Markten, the Dutch Financial Markets Authority) to mediate and advise in matters concerning pension and income insurance. We work mostly for employers and not for pension administrators such as insurers and pension funds, which enables us to provide completely independent advice.

After salaries, pensions are the most precious remuneration element.

Our approach

Changing a pension scheme or switching pension administrators often is a long and complex process. BexerHamstra can help clients from start to finish. This includes policy formulation, calculations, discussions with works councils and trade unions, compensation measures and the selection of the pension administrator, up to and including implementation by the administrator and the communication with employees. We help making the change and then hand the reins back to our client. And we set things up such that the client can then easily administer the scheme themselves. But we remain available, of course, if anything else is needed or if any questions arise afterward. Our advice always includes the fit of the pension scheme as a benefit in the organization’s remuneration package as a whole, taking into account both the package’s sum total and its mix of benefits. This makes us unique in the Netherlands: an integral approach to pensions by consultants who have the expertise to provide advice on the total package.

Advice on pensions

Apart from formulating a pension policy and selecting a pension administrator we also provide support in many other areas:

  • Actuarial calculations and evaluations
  • Due Diligence Assessments for pensions
  • Risk analyses
  • Pension harmonization
  • Pension checks (checking the premiums and the pension administration)
  • Forecasting pension benefits by means of scenario analyses
  • Impact analyses for the Pension reforms
  • Pension benchmarks
  • Advice for employers who run their own company pension fund (when the pension fund is undergoing a strategic reorientation, for example)

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Why BexerHamstra

When you choose BexerHamstra, you opt for experience and expertise. Our dyed-in-the-wool professionals know their way around reward issues; they know the field like the back of their hand. And we have a very pragmatic mindset. We don’t complicate things unnecessarily but always look for the simplest solution.

About BexerHamstra
A complete solution

We offer an integral perspective on reward, organization and pensions.

Transparent and relevant

Our advice is transparent and relevant, and always focused on improving the business.

We always aim for personal contact

We like to keep in touch personally and stand close by our clients. We are flexible and prefer to keep our communication lines short.

Experienced experts with a passion for their work

We have the expertise to offer complete solutions.

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