'Ready for a sprint.'

Juliëtte de Gouw | e-mail | linkedin

Juliëtte de Gouw is a consultant at BexerHamstra; she joined in August 2021. During her Human Resource Studies in Tilburg, the Netherlands, she worked as a recruiter at accounting and consulting firm Qconcepts.

‘Working with people is what energizes me. I think it is important that I put the people I meet at ease. By finding a balance between listening and asking questions, I can identify the connections and get to the core. I have a passion for my work and I’m fully dedicated. And I hope my enthusiasm is infectious.

Project work agrees with me. It is interesting to figure out how an organization is structured and to get your head around its internal dynamics.

My Human Resource Studies in Tilburg and my new job at BexerHamstra are what I was looking for: a combination of business administration and people. My studies were rather broad; now I’m going to specialize in job description and job evaluation.

I like to work in a team, because there is so much to learn from one another. At BexerHamstra I’m at the right place. The atmosphere is good and you feel that everyone is ready to take off at speed.’