'My aim is to make the process transparent and so get people's commitment.'

Liesbeth Swolfs | e-mail | linkedin

Liesbeth Swolfs in Februari 2022 joined the BexerHamstra team as a consultant. Before this, she worked as an HR manager at various large companies, including Aegon, Multi Corporation and PostNL. She took her bachelor’s degree in Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a master’s in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam.

‘What is really important to me, is to keep large-scale projects in organizations doable. Complex processes often deter people. So I make them simpler, manageable. By structuring and planning I convince people to commit.

Managing a project from A to Z, I love it. Working in projects ensures focus, speed, achievement. Collaborating with inspired people and aiming for great results. My added value lies in the solutions I provide, that often surprise people. I aim to help organizations with future-proof solutions. My contribution enables the client to face the future on their own. This is what I stand for.

From the first I build relations with the people in the project. They are the foundation for all further work. I have extensive experience in various corporates, so I know exactly what I would want if I were the client.