'Making complicated things transparent, that is the challenge.'

Maarten de Jong | e-mail | linkedin

Maarten de Jong has been with BexerHamstra since 1 February 2021. He studied maths and its applications at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and took a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science from Tilburg University, also in the Netherlands. While in college he also certified as a high school maths teacher, and after graduating actually taught for several months.

‘In my business, the challenge is to turn complicated things into something that people can understand. Multi-annual cost calculations for pension schemes? Most of our clients’ people have no idea. I like explaining such things, to clients as well as in class.

After graduating I worked in two schools for a few months, as an assistant teacher and then as a maths teacher. Getting a teacher’s licence was relatively easy in college. And I’m from a family of teachers: both my parents and my sister teach. It’s great work. But consulting work speaks to me more still, because of its variety. Organizations and clients differ so much, no two cases are the same.

The big project now is the Pension reforms. We are busy making preparations, to get our clients ready for it. All pension schemes will be affected. The current scheme is the point of departure: what would its costs be in the future, for the employer and the employees? What is going to change, how does the organization want to set up its pension scheme, and what are the costs? These calculations are what I love most.’