'I'm always on the lookout to make things better and more up to date.'

Rob Westrek | e-mail | linkedin

Rob Westrek is one of Bexer’s founders, from before Bexer merged with Hamstra & Partners in July 2020. Before that he had been a partner at Korn Ferry for ten years. He also co-owned software start-up and consulting firm Sprenkels and Verschuren. His career began at Willis Towers Watson, while he was still studying Economy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

‘My passion is finding fundamentally better ways forward in difficult situations – situations in which a change or a new direction are needed to go on successfully. This may happen when market circumstances change significantly or when the organization grows fast or expands internationally, but also when business results are bad, after mergers, strategy changes, conflicts, or when things just won’t work like they should. This I do in the areas of strategy and reward.

I am an inquisitive kind of guy and I always look for new and better things. I want to use my creativity, add value and help other people perform successfully. Just minding the shop is not for me. I like to see things in a broader context. That creates room for solutions. And I involve people in the process, and try to see their logic. That way you take people along in the process.’