Joep Sturm

'I want to make a positive contribution.'

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Joep Sturm joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in April 2024, where he focuses mainly on reward analysis and policies. Before this, he worked at Korn Ferry and was a board member of his faculty association.  He took a Master’s degree in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

‘I’m analytical by nature, something I can use in my work as a reward consultant. And I want to make a positive contribution, both to organizations and society at large. I chose political sciences for a reason: its societal relevance.

One subject that is close to my heart is the reward gap between men and women, still a feature at many companies. Clients are often surprised. New European laws and regulations demand more transparency, which renders this topic extra relevant.

What I like best, is explaining to clients what my analyses have brought to light, and then engaging them in a conversation about it. I get energized when I can share insights that really help clients forward.

I enjoy the warm atmosphere at BexerHamstra, working with colleagues who are open and willing to share their knowledge. And in my spare time I’m learning Chinese.’