'I look for solutions that have impact on the business.'

Linda Merkens | e-mail | linkedin

Linda Merkens joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in September 2021. Before, she taught at the HAN International School of Business. And before that, she worked as an independent management consultant, as a project manager at De Baak training centre and as an HR business partner with Deloitte. She started her career as a consultant with Hay Group. Linda studied Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

‘I like conceptual and analytical work. To find out: what does this organization need? Then I develop creative solutions, that’s my added value. Thinking an approach through, implementing it and making something happen.

I love education and training, which is what I worked in before I came here. The reason I choose to go back to organizational consulting is that I want to contribute to the development of organizations again. New times require new solutions, or even transformations.

Sometimes a solution can be simpler than expected, or at least different. To find out, I think along with the business, in the widest possible perspective. Suppose an organization wants to improve its remunerations in order to attract or retain people. I then like to look beyond mere compensation and benefits. Perhaps the company doesn’t show clearly enough why it is attractive to work there. And does their organizational structure still support their current strategy?

By doing so I want to generate solutions that will make the organization future-proof and that have impact on its attractiveness and flexibility.