Sjoerd van Schaick

'I communicate easily with people on almost any level.'

Sjoerd van Schaick | e-mail | linkedin

Sjoerd van Schaick joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in March 2024, where he focuses on remuneration advice. Before this, he worked at Korn Ferry for almost eight years, lately as an Associate Principal. Before that he was a pensions consultant at Mercer. After studying Financial Services Management at the Hogeschool Windesheim, in Zwolle, the Netherlands, he completed the Actuarial Calculator course at the Actuarial Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

‘Reward and pensions are closely connected. I help clients set up and harmonize new reward policies. My work experience as a pensions consultant has value added there, and I used it often. The new pensions laws and regulations will simplify things but the transition that organizations face is nevertheless a complex affair.

My forte is that I communicate easily with people at all levels in an organization. Open communication is important, I believe, and I connect as easily with a CEO as with the employees council or individual staff. Perhaps it helps that I’ve been an employees council member myself for years, when I worked with Korn Ferry. Changes in terms of employment are not always advantageous for everyone, but they can be necessary. In such situations it is essential that one generates trust.

An organization that is still growing, BexerHamstra has kept its agility, so decisions can be made quickly. I find this attractive, as does its team of enthusiast colleagues. The place just simply bubbles with energy.’