'My ultimate aim is a self-reliant client.'

Guyot van Meer | e-mail | linkedin

Guyot van Meer is a consultant and one of BexerHamstra’s founders. He was a senior client partner at Korn Ferry for almost eight years, after having worked for about the same length of time at Nationale Nederlanden’s pensions department. At ING Investment Management he gained experience as a portfolio manager. Guyot studied Econometrics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, specializing in Quantitative Finance.

‘Pensions have recently only become more complex. People find it a really difficult topic, and it gives employers headaches. I want to make things easier for them. I want to set up and explain situations in such a way that they become manageable. My ultimate aim is a client made self-reliant with our future-proof solution and some handy tools. We try to render ourselves superfluous eventually.

Traditionally, pensions are viewed in isolation from other issues. But this is wrong, for they really are part of the organizations remunerations package. Increasingly, employers give their employees more freedom of choice. Have you just started working, want to buy a house but are still dragging that student loan debt around? Then you’ll be less likely to want to save for your pension than someone in their forties. This change to ‘flex benefits’ is something I help clients with too.

I like the variety of my work: in sales, convincing clients we have the best solution for them, exercising my brain to provide these solutions, and building BexerHamstra’s growing team. I want to make our people feel good, enthusiastic about what we do. A good team generates future-proof solutions and happy clients. And then I’m happy too.’