Kiki Zinken

'I quickly see the structures and connections in large datasets.'

Kiki Zinken | e-mail | linkedin

Kiki Zinken has since June 2022 been working for BexerHamstra as an analyst. Currently she will also finish her bachelor’s degree in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, after which she intends to take a master’s in Data Analytics.

‘I enjoy the mathematical side of consultancy and I like to dig in deep. Insight into data is my forte. I quickly see the structures and connections in large datasets, and can then find useful information there. In addition I’m a pretty good communicator. That comes in handy at BexerHamstra. Reward policy interests me too, since it has such a concrete impact on people’s lives.

What I like about BexerHamstra, is that they immediately give me opportunities and responsibility. In order to gain working experience, I have decided to take an extra year for my Econometrics degree. The university stimulates its students to do so. So, while I work on my master’s in Data Analytics, I will stay with BexerHamstra too. I can use what I learn immediately there, for we intend to focus still more on our own tools and benchmark data in the near future. A new database is being set up and I am now working on software that will allow us to mine still more useful insights from the data available.’