Elize Vos

'For me it's important I can stand by the client.'

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Elize Vos started with BexerHamstra in January 2024, as a pensions consultant. Previously, she worked as a senior manager in reward and pensions advice for Deloitte. Having started her career as a laboratory assistant, she reschooled to become a pensions consultant, at first working for Mees & Zoonen, which later merged with Mercer. She combined work with studies at the Actuarieel Instituut, training to become an actuary.

‘As an actuary, I am good at calculations, of course, but what I really like is working with clients. Analyzing, interpreting and explaining complex situations is what I enjoy most, and then translating that into a concrete approach of the matter at hand. When doing so, it is important for me to stand by the client, help them think it through. My explanations must be so crystal clear that the client can then take their decisions themselves.

I began my actuary work at an insurance company. But there I was really only doing calculations on a computer. That’s not for me. I want to go out, meet and work with clients and colleagues. So I chose the consulting business. I enjoy doing projects for different companies, with all the dynamics and quick decision-making it entails. And so much is changing in the pensions business, it keeps things interesting.

BexerHamstra has an atmosphere I find attractive, just like its diversity in clients and colleagues. And it’s great to be able to coach junior colleagues, since I have the training and experience to do so.’