'I love working with both people and numbers'

Jonne Kampen | e-mail | linkedin

Jonne Kampen joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in March 2023. She will be concentrating mostly on reward policies. After her HRM studies at the Hogeschool Windesheim, in Zwolle, the Netherlands, the worked as an HR Officer at Wensink Automotive, as a relations manager for payroll provider Persoonality, and as Chief Happiness at the Social Brothers digital marketing firm.

‘I really am the collaboration type. Listening well and asking questions enables me to identify how I can help clients. Analyzing information and formulating various scenarios, that’s what I’m good at. Then the client and I together choose the best solution for them. It works to my advantage that I have worked for very different organizations already. This enables me to see things from the perspective of the people I meet. I know the kinds of issues managers and HR professionals encounter.

After my studies I have consciously chosen to work relatively short periods with various organizations. That’s how I found that consultancy suits me best. I am inquisitive and interested, and I like to take a look inside in many organizations, to put my expertise to work.

For me the attraction of the field of reward policies is its combination of client contacts and dataset analysis. I love working with both people and numbers. And it’s great that a BexerHamstra I have colleagues with so much expertise and passion for their trade.’