'I want to have impact.'

Mano Hordijk | e-mail | linkedin

Mano Hordijk joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in March 2020, specializing in job evaluation and reward. Before this, he worked for firms like Korn Ferry Hay Group. He studied Organizational Psychology in Leiden, the Netherlands, and took a master’s in Business Administration in Amsterdam.

‘Decisive action, asking critical questions – these are essential to find out what a client really needs. For organizations tend to want what other companies have. But even though they may be facing the same challenges, the solutions are often different. To identify the best solution, I don’t look at a single link but at the whole chain, i.e. the entire organization. What is the organization’s raison d’ĂȘtre, what defines success, and what would you stimulate that your employees do? Once I see the outlines clearly, the details often solve themselves.

I want to add value, have impact. That why I think that a good follow-up is so important: taking time a few months later to see where details can be improved. I want to know whether my advice has really ‘landed’ in the organization. Then I’m really content.

BexerHamstra, a relatively small consulting firm, offers the opportunity to really get to know client organizations. My role can be very diverse, and I can support clients from A to Z in job framework design, remuneration policies and performance management. I am convinced this makes for better quality advice.’