'I want to know what it is that motivates people'

Judit van Rooij | e-mail | linkedin

Judit van Rooij joined BexerHamstra as a consultant in February 2023. She will be concentrating mostly on organizational design. After finishing the Fashion Business School in Doorn, the Netherlands, she worked as a product manager for fashion company Angro for several years. Recently she took a master’s degree in Human Resource Studies from Tilburg University.

‘Contact with people is what drives me, which is why I chose this line of work. Consultants work for many different companies, which gives them a chance to look behind the scenes. You meet various kinds of people, from all organizational levels.

I want to know what it is that makes people tick, what their underlying motivations are. For that tells you their needs and consequently how you can best help their organization. One must be a good judge of character, have good communication skills, and really want to help them ahead. Both subjective and measurable factors are involved, just like when you have to award variable pay – the subject of my master thesis.

At BexerHamstra I am part of a team of open-minded people with an attitude of flexibility, who are very enthusiastic about their work. I am really looking forward to contributing.’