'Good explanations make the difference.'

Bram van der Heijden | e-mail | linkedin

Bram van der Heijden is a student working at BexerHamstra since May 2021. He contributes to various digital projects, including reward analyses. He has a bachelor’s degree in Econometrics from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science. Before, he did an internship at Aegon, working as a data analyst while still a student.

‘It is interesting to explain complicated matters, and to check whether you are understood. Right from when I started in college I tutored high school students in maths. And I found that a good explanation can make the difference. Later I found that many of my fellow students are very smart but not all of them have the skill to bring what they know across to other people.

I also like working in the background, solving puzzles. During my time here at BexerHamstra I will be spending most of my time on digital projects. I will do research and conduct reward analyses.

Ultimately I would like to become an actuary, which is the kind of work I see a lot of at BexerHamstra. My studies were very quantitatively oriented, with a lot of calculations and computer programming. This internship allows me so see what really goes on in pensions, what consulting work is like in practice and how I can contribute.’