Lianne Hamstra

'Taking the lead is what gives me energy.'

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Lianne Hamstra is the founder of Hamstra & Partners, the firm that in July 2020 merged with Bexer. Previously, she had been senior HR manager with Ernst & Young and senior accountant at Hay Group. She went to law school at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands and studied business administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

‘I quickly see what type of client I’m dealing with, what they need and which solution would fit them best. This applies to both content and team composition. Working with clients is really my strong suit. I like combining the things I’ve learnt, in order to use the experience gained in other projects and implement elements from various situations to provide the best approach. For instance, how do start-ups see remuneration? Their perspective can be really refreshing for a long-established corporation.

I also like to think up new things. Not just because they are new, but because I’m convinced they will help the client in their current situation. I follow the developments in other areas of expertise as well as trends in society. How can I use them in our field? That enables us as a firm to lead the way, inspired by clients who do so in their trade. It gives me energy.

As an entrepreneur and a (managing) consultant I have the freedom to be myself and to think independently. It gives me the guts to choose the best solution, and so to enable the client to shine. I hope everyone at BexerHamstra feels free like me. This is what makes us a team of independent consultants and thinkers.