'I like the variety of my work.'

Emily Tang | e-mail | linkedin

Emily Tang has been with BexerHamstra as a consultant since February 2022. She worked for PwC Nederland for ten years before this, lately as manager Pensions and Actuarial and Insurance Services. The took a master’s degree in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and added courses in Actuarial Sciences at the University of Amsterdam.

‘For me a project is a success when the client and I together reach a solution that satisfies both the employer and the employees. In most cases we do. Transparency is of the essence here. When a new pension scheme is introduced, it is important to involve representatives of the employees from as early as possible. Meet them, show them what you’re doing. That is the best way forward.

I like the variety of my work, both making calculations and my contacts with people. Pensions are generally too complex for most employees. But the new pensions system implies that they must be more active than before, and check their investment choices regularly, for instance. I consider it an important task to prepare them for it.

I understand these matters quantitatively, but I have political sensors too. I have a feel for what it is that stakeholders want. Below the surface of pensions issues there is often a bigger, general remuneration issue. So at BexerHamstra I look beyond mere pensions. In the current war for talent employers want to know how best to shape their comp & ben to retain their employees and attract new people. Should one spend so much on pensions when young people value other things more? In many cases a more flexible structure of the organization’s remuneration package is a better choice.