'I really enjoy the mix of qualitative and quantitative aspects in my work.'

Vincent Nuijten | e-mail | linkedin

Vincent Nuijten has been with BexerHamstra as a consultant since February 2024. He focuses on remuneration and organizational structure. Before this, he worked as a consultant for Berenschot. He studied Business Economics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and there also took his master’s in International Economics and Business, followed by a second master’s in Finance & Investments at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

‘In our work, I really enjoy the mix of qualitative and quantitative aspects. I have found I can really help clients, unburdening them by doing their calculations for them. However, it is equally important that you then explain the results. Changes in jobs and reward are a sensitive matter, so you have to show that it’s done fairly.

To achieve this, I like to work together with my clients, I don’t have ready-made solutions.  First I need to listen, taking everyone seriously – not just the Managing Director. The results are always tailor-made.

The nice thing about remuneration advice is the diversity of the organizations you work with: from business services to manufacturing and healthcare. Large-scale mergers really interest me, but so do projects for scale-ups.

BexerHamstra is growing fast, with many people who have a lot of experience. Working with enthusiastic, smart people – that helps me ahead too.’