'I like both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of my work.'

Emmy Kooloos | e-mail | linkedin

Emmy Kooloos is a BexerHamstra consultant since July 2020, where she specializes in remuneration policy and HR analytics. Before that, she worked for Korn Ferry for eight years, during which she was seconded as an interim reward consultant at ING for ten months. She studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

‘What makes this field so much fun is the combination of both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Both corporate strategies and employees’ motivation interest me. How can you make a match between remuneration and the organization’s identity? What kind of employees does the company want and what would make its reward package attractive to them?

But I like data research too, to calculate reward positions, for instance, or the cost impact of a new comp & ben package. However complex calculations become, I make sure the results are transparent at a glance.

Preferably, I work on a project from beginning to end. After getting to know the company, I present several scenarios and their ramifications. Then I like to be involved in its implementation too. I like seeing how a change lands and what its impact on the organization is.

The issues at hand are often similar, but every organization requires a different approach. Many clients are working to modernize their reward policies, for instance. But doing so may equally involve discontinuing the use of reward scores as providing more choice for their employees. No two projects are ever the same. That’s what makes this work so captivating.’