'I always look at opportunities.'

Rogier Kerkhof | e-mail | linkedin

Rogier Kerkhof is a consultant and one of BexerHamstra’s founders. He had then been a partner in Rewards & Benefits at Korn Ferry (formerly Hay Group) for ten years, after having been a partner at consulting firm Sprenkels & Verschuren. He started his career at Nationale Nederlanden’s pensions department, in various management roles. Rogier studied Fiscal Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

‘I am an entrepreneur deep down. To me that means innovation, flexibility and reacting quickly to market developments. I look for solutions that really help the client. That is a drive all of us at BexerHamstra share.

I have much experience with large comp & ben transitions – a hot topic now, with the upcoming Pension reforms. But pensions are never a stand-alone issue; they are an element in reward as a whole. That broader context makes it interesting to me. I want to seduce employers to a different point of view on their remuneration packages, to replace one-size-fits-all with a more individual approach of one’s employees. And let these employees make decisions for themselves, give them a choice of various models. Have some faith in people.

Creativity is what I’m good at. I always see opportunities, which enables me to provide solutions. Why is it possible, rather than impossible? Introducing something new requires trust and collaboration. Doing the talk is not enough, you have to achieve things together. In this respect I’m a real Rotterdam kind of person.

Fun work, fun clients, fun colleagues – that’s my style. Most important, however, is a satisfied client. Then I know that they and we together have made the right choices.’