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Fair pay is often under pressure, in many organizations. Matters may have become unbalanced little by little, and sometimes the organization’s reward policy simply isn’t transparent. In all such cases BexerHamstra can help to make the organization’s remunerations fair again, using data analysis.

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It seems a simple idea, providing fair compensation for the work done by one’s employees. But as organizations grow and become more complex the chance of their remuneration being less than fair increases. How age and gender independent is your reward policy, for instance? And do you reward mostly by tenure? For in that case an undesired reward difference may arise between employees who have been with you long and those who have joined only recently. And relatively new employees, certainly if they perform and develop well, may perceive this as unfair.

So it isn’t all that easy to take into account both your employees and the issues at hand and still reward everyone fairly. BexerHamstra can help clients identify and remove such differences. The first thing we do is data analysis, including some precise calculations. Knowledge is power. Then we help explain and interpret the results. For we are experts in reward too. We find out how seemingly inexplicable reward differences have arisen. That insight offers our clients the opportunity to make their remuneration fair again.

New European directives will in the next few years only raise the pressure on the topic of fair pay. Once they become effective, employees have a right to know how their own remuneration compares with that of other employees in the same job. Our advice is not to wait but to set things straight now.

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