'I want to get to the core of problems.'

Roos ten Vregelaar | e-mail | linkedin

While she was doing a double master’s in Business Administration and HRM Roos ten Vregelaar worked part-time with Korn Ferry. After graduating she joined Human Capital Group as an HR consultant. She has been a consultant with BexerHamstra since October 1 2020.

‘Helping clients make progress, that energizes me. It all starts with getting to the core of the issue. Is this really the problem or is there more? To find that out, I take the time to really fathom the matter at hand. I want to understand its context, so I ask a lot of questions and listen well. It’s the only way to find out what’s going on in the organization.

The next step is generating creative solutions, using existing tools or trying a new approach, all the while ensuring the coherence of your work. Combining job evaluation and reward takes you further than keeping them separate, I feel, though that is what sometimes happens at bigger consulting firms. Personally, I find it more interesting too. I like the analytical bit of job evaluation en benchmarking, but I enjoy qualitative discussions with employees as well.

This requires intensive collaboration with colleagues, and I get that here, at BexerHamstra. Tackling projects together, combining everyone’s expertise, that’s what gets results.’